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  • Proceed to Calatagan, Batangas

  • Turn right when you approach the Calatagan church, then turn left at the next intersection 

  • Follow the road to Playa Calatagan 

  • As you pass the main gate of Playa Calatagan (on your right), proceed approximately 300 meters, then turn left after the fenced boundary of the Playa Calatagan residential subdivision

  • Follow the winding cement road until you approach a dead end, which becomes a dirt road

  • Take a right onto the dirt road and stay on it for approximately three kilometers

  • On this road you will see sign boards leading you to Cala Perdida


Alternatively, you can set Waze to Playa Calatagan.  From Playa Calatagan, follow the directions above to Cala Perdida.


Depending on traffic conditions, the duration of the drive is approximately two and a half hours from Manila. You may want to travel early in the morning to avoid delays caused by traffic build-up between Manila and Tagaytay.

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