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Cala Perdida, which means the “lost cove” in Spanish, is a 3.2-hectare private beachfront leisure estate located along the eastern edge of the Calatagan peninsula in the Philippines. The terrain of the property is characterized by rolling hills that gradually slope down onto a private white sand beach. On each side of the property, the rolling hills breakoff into cliffs, providing breathtaking views of the Pagapas Bay seascape, the dramatic Anilao mountain range, and the lush island of Mindoro. Access to the private beach can only be made through the grounds of the property or by sea.


Approximately one-third of the property, or around one hectare, is landscaped with Bermuda grass and a variety of tropical plants and trees, while the rest is maintained in its natural form. Garden lighting is strategically positioned throughout the property to create a dramatic effect during the evening hours. All this beauty is best viewed from the high deck of the villa where one can relax and admire the beautiful scenery.

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